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  • Dark Traveller

    The action puzzle game Dark Traveller is developed by the two-player independent game development team Colorless Time and Space, the game tells the story of the protagonist in the distant future to travel through quantum space and time, to save the virtual and real world of the thrilling journey. The game is about a long time in the future, the world is dying on the verge of breaking, the protagonist in the partner Darkness, Dr. assistance, shuttle in quantum time and space to save the home on the verge of destruction! In terms of game flow, Darkness travels through quantum mode switching and time-space shuttling, building a time-space puzzle with a huge time span. The game has a lot of plot embedded in the scenes. Players who don't like plot can ignore it and enjoy the "torment" of combat and puzzle solving, while those who like to explore the plot can choose multiple side quests to collect hidden stories and unlock multiple special endings. The game supports 10 languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish. Game Feature Multiple weapon suits, experience the fun of shooting Adventure in quantum space, more exciting shooting experience awaits your challenge! Whether you like to hold flexible firearms or berserk heavy weapons, or drive a flying machine to attack a well-defended island, "Dark Shuttle" allows you to find your own shooting fun and enjoy different shooting thrills. Govern the laws of time and unlock doomsday puzzles In countless times of time and space travel, players will find a lot of trustworthy weapons and skills, and even get the most important time control ability in quantum space-time survival, use time manipulation to unlock hidden clues, traverse obstacles, avoid attacks, and deal a blow to the enemies infested in quantum space-time. Brainstorming physics puzzles, tricky mechanism design In Dark Shuttle, there are many ingenious mechanisms to turn the world around, combining the concept of quantum physics with the game's plot and levels to bring a brand new puzzle solving experience. At the same time, these mechanisms also contain many traditional Chinese mechanism concepts, which combine the entire game into a super three-dimensional mechanism. Lowpoly cartoon style, more colorful eggs buried The game uses the simple and beautiful Lowpoly cartoon style to tell the complicated and dangerous journey to the end of the world, and the creative scene design will bring you an unforgettable game experience. You can get several equipment or dress up with extra abilities, and many colorful eggs will bring fun to your journey through time and space. Multi-branch endings to find the real way home Logical connections across time and space and brain-bending puzzle exploration together form multiple time-traveling puzzles. Scattered dialogues, last words, secret letters and a large number of subplots in the game make the player's journey foggy. It is said that the only way to solve the ultimate doomsday puzzle and arrive at the ultimate spiritual home is to outline the entire full picture of the events spanning thousands of years from the fragmented information. ———————————————— Facebook: www.facebook.com/MiracleGamesAppStore/ Discord: https://discord.gg/tVFXZwp Email: Support@mguwp.com MG Help + support: https://support.mguwp.com/

  •  Banjo-Kazooie

    (Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) The bear and bird's first ever outing available in full. Loads of rollicking fun to be had here and with the legendary Stop N Swop feature reinstated. You’ll never look the same again at a jigsaw. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see www.xbox.com/live/accounts.

  • Portal Dogs: The Dream Adventure of the Dog King

    Portal Dogs, co-published by MIRACLE GAMES INC, is a horizontal action - adventure game with a cute style. The game features hand-drawn animation, and experience a dreamy adventure in the rhythm of cheerful music. In this game, you will become the king of dogs and lead your loyal dogs to find their way home. On the way, you will also find the bones that dogs love most, and the gold bones that are pursued by all dogs are waiting for you to find. • High difficulty level, brainstorming In the game, there will be a large number of levels in each chapter. In the chapters, the difficulty of each level will be gradually upgraded. How to lead the dogs home under the gradually increased difficulty will be a big challenge to IQ. • Cute dog, beautiful looking With the advance of the level, the protagonist dog will carry out various transformations, such as the pusher dog who can't jump, the flame dog who is not afraid of fire, the shadow dog who walks in the opposite direction, and the bouncing dog who is not afraid of spikes. Come and tide over the difficulties and collect all kinds of cute dogs. • Multiple modes, adventure upgrade Each chapter will have a unique theme, sometimes it will make you jump higher and fly farther, as if walking on the moon, sometimes it will make you upside down, top heavy, adapt to various modes as soon as possible, and let your dog walk on the ground. • Reward upgrades and challenge limits As in each level, there will be various mechanisms, locked treasure boxes, breaking through obstacles, finding other stray dogs, and collecting gold bones, in order to win the highest score. Languages: English, German, Simplified Chinese. _____________________________________________ Discord: https://discord.gg/tVFXZwp Email: Support@mguwp.com MG Help + support: https://support.mguwp.com/

Resist bad games, refuse pirated games. Pay attention to self-protection, beware of being deceived. Moderate gaming benefits the brain, addiction to gaming harms the body. Arrange your time reasonably, enjoy a healthy life. Age rating: Suitable for use by those 18 and older.
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