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Game Copyright Infringement Complaint Guidelines

Game Copyright Infringement Complaint Guidelines


The MG App Store is a platform for downloading and purchasing games, and it also serves as a high-quality community for gamers. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, these guidelines have been established. Please follow the guidelines below to file a complaint, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the rights holders as much as possible.


1. Procedure


1.1 Notification

If a rights holder believes that a game provided on the MG App Store infringes on their legitimate rights and interests, the rights holder should submit a written notification to the MG App Store. The content of the notification should include, but is not limited to, the following:


(1)Rights holder's information and relevant materials: Name (of the individual or organization), contact information, address, business license (for organizations), ID card (for individuals), and other materials proving the rights holder's identity, such as authorization certificates.


(2)Rights holder's demands: The exact name and link of the game that the rights holder requests to be removed or disconnected.


(3) Preliminary proof of infringement: This should include:


I. Proof of rights ownership: Including, but not limited to, copyright, trademark, or patent certificates issued by authoritative institutions, proof of the first public release or distribution date of the work, creative manuscripts, time stamps of work creation signed by authoritative institutions, and work registration certificates that can prove the rights holder owns the relevant rights.


II. Proof that the game provided by the accused party constitutes infringement: Including, but not limited to, effective proof materials that the game infringes on the rights holder's copyright, trademark, or patent rights, etc.


(4) Rights holder's guarantee: The notification should include a guarantee that all statements and materials provided in the notification are true, valid, and legal. The rights holder guarantees to compensate and indemnify MG for any losses incurred due to the removal or disconnection of the alleged infringing game links or related content, including but not limited to losses incurred by MG due to compensations to the accused party or users, and damages to MG's reputation and goodwill.


Details on how to prepare the notification and related proof materials, as well as the mailing address, can be found in the "Notes" section below.


1.2 MG Feedback

As a neutral platform provider, upon receiving a notification from the rights holder that meets the requirements of these guidelines, MG App Store will forward the rights holder's notification to the accused party:


(1) If the accused party acknowledges the rights holder's complaint,MG will proceed with the process as quickly as possible in accordance with relevant regulations.


(2)If the accused party does not acknowledge the rights holder's complaint, MG will forward the materials provided by the accused party to the rights holder. If the rights holder disputes the accused party's opinion and the materials provided, MG suggests that the rights holder resolve the issue directly with the accused party through administrative complaints, litigation, or other methods. If the rights holder has new and sufficient evidence that can overturn the accused party's opinion, they may also provide it to MG.


2. 1. Notes

(1)The term "rights holder" in these guidelines refers to the original owner of copyright, trademark, patent, or other legitimate rights, or an agent legally authorized by the original owner, including individuals, legal entities, or other organizations.


(2) To ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of the complaint, the rights holder's written notification and other related proof materials should ideally be provided in their original form. If originals cannot be provided, photocopies (with the rights holder's seal) should be submitted. If the materials are from outside the country, they should be notarized and translated in accordance with legal requirements, along with the corresponding notarization and translation materials.


(3)How to notify MG: Scan all the aforementioned paper materials and send them via email to MG's designated email address: Support@mguwp.com


(4)The rights holder's written notification mentioned in these guidelines should include the notification itself along with related materials proving the rights holder's identity, ownership, and evidence of infringement.


(5)If the rights holder has already filed an administrative complaint or lawsuit with relevant government departments or courts regarding the game provided by the accused party, please submit the acceptance proof and evidence materials submitted to the government department or court to MG when submitting the notification. This will facilitate the processing of the rights holder's complaint. (End)


Appendix:Template for Infringement Complaint Notification


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