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Miracle Games Community Convention

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1. In order to protect the good experience of Miracle Games community users, maintain the normal order of the Miracle Games community, and formulate this Convention in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the "Miracle Games Software License Agreement" and other agreements and specifications.

2. Miracle Games community is a community software provided by Miracle Games officially, providing community services to all Miracle Games users.

3. The Miracle Games Community (hereafter referred to as “Miracle Games Community”) is the network space for Miracle Games users to communicate using Miracle Games community software.

4. The community service provided by Miracle Games is aimed at creating a fair, happy, free and healthy online community environment for Miracle Games community users.

5. Those who accept the "Miracle Games User Registration Agreement" and this Convention and successfully register are all Miracle Games users.

6. The rights of Miracle Games users are equally protected by the Miracle Games community. The Miracle Games community manages community users in accordance with open, transparent standards.

7. Miracle Games users' activity points, experience values, virtual assets, etc. are protected by the Miracle Games community. In accordance with pre-determined and published rules, certain services and activities may result in changes in the user's activity points, experience points, or virtual property.

8. Miracle Games users have the right to participate in and speak in the Miracle Games community in accordance with community rules.

9. The personal privacy of Miracle Games users is protected by the Miracle Games community. The Miracle Games community is required to take strict measures to ensure that user privacy information is not compromised. Miracle Games users' personal data and other private information may not be disclosed unless the Miracle Games user agrees, or in accordance with laws and regulations or the requirements of relevant authorities and predetermined rules.

10. Miracle Games users must keep their account and password secure; account, password, transfer, leasing, lending, gift or other forms should not be provided to others. Miracle Games officially assumes no responsibility for the account or password being illegally used by others due to negligence or hacking. If the user finds that the account has been illegally used by others, he should immediately appeal to Miracle Games.

11. The behavior generated by Miracle Games users according to the Miracle Games community management rules is protected by the Miracle Games community. Miracle Games users will be subject to appropriate penalties for violations of laws, regulations and community management practices.

12. Any rights of Miracle Games users are limited to the rights of other Miracle Games users. The Miracle Games community can make specific provisions for these restrictions.

13. Miracle Games users' comments in the community (including but not limited to text, pictures, audio, video) may not violate national laws and regulations, and may not contain the following contents:

    (1) Violating the basic principles established by the Constitution, inciting resistance or undermining the implementation of the Constitution, laws, and administrative regulations;

    (2) endangering national unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity, divulging state secrets, endangering national security, undermining national dignity, honor and interests, and promoting terrorism and extremism;

    (3) damaging national honors and interests;

    (4) Destroying national outstanding cultural traditions, inciting national hatred, ethnic discrimination, infringing on national customs and habits, distorting national history and national historical figures, hurting national sentiments, and undermining national unity;

    (5) Inciting and undermining the country's religious policies, promoting religious fanaticism, endangering religious harmony, injuring religious feelings of religious citizens, undermining the unity of religious citizens and non-believing citizens, and proclaiming cults and superstitions;

    (6) endangering social morality, disrupting social order, undermining social stability, promoting obscenity, gambling, drug abuse, rendering violence, terror, abetting crimes or teaching criminal methods;

    (7) Infringement of the lawful rights and interests of minors or harming the physical and mental health of minors;

    (8) Insulting or insulting others, infringing upon the lawful rights and interests of others, containing insults, intimidation, threatening content;

    (9) Inciting illegal gatherings, associations, demonstrations, demonstrations, gathering people to disturb social order;

    (10) other political topics that may cause or have caused adverse effects;

    (11) Nominal activities of illegal civil organizations;

    (12) sending harassment, junk advertisements, malicious slander, and deception information;

    (13) Information that interferes with the normal operation of the service and infringes the content of the legitimate rights and interests of other users or third parties;

    (14) It is strictly forbidden to spread drugs, display firearms, control knives, etc. by any means;

    (15) It is strictly forbidden to engage in sales promotion or other acts for the purpose of obtaining commercial interests;

    (16) Information containing other content prohibited by laws and administrative regulations;

14. The comments of Miracle Games users should comply with the rules of the community. Before speaking, they should understand the relevant regulations and not publish statements that are contrary to the rules of the community.

15. Miracle Games users should respect the intellectual property rights of others, refrain from plagiarizing other people's works, and reproduce or use other people's works in accordance with the copyright license.

16. Miracle Games users should abide by the community order and network ethics, put an end to foul language, and prevent acts such as swiping, malicious malt, etc. that affect the normal use of others.

17. Miracle Games users shall respect the privacy of others and shall not disclose personal information such as the name, address, telephone number and other private information of others unless they endanger the public interest or with the consent of the parties.

18. It is forbidden to publish advertisements or other content for the purpose of obtaining commercial interests without the permission of the community.

19. If a Miracle Games user issues a violation in the community, the community management personnel shall have the right to delete all or part of the speech and give appropriate punishment according to the circumstances and the result of the harm. Deleting user comments and penalizing users gives clear reasons and is based on community rules.

20. Accounts that have been permanently registered are not valid for their participation in the activity.

21. The user bears full responsibility for his own speech.

22. The Miracle Games community promotes the principle of user autonomy.

23. In addition to the community's security supervision, due to legal and commercial obligations must be exercised by the Miracle Games official rights, other rights are reserved for Miracle Games users. The Miracle Games official will not interfere with its exercise of management rights and will not have the obligation to mediate any disputes between Miracle Games users, without the user's violation of community-related regulations.

24. Miracle Games officially set up a community management team to manage the community. The community management team is primarily responsible for maintaining and stabilizing community order. The administrators are officially appointed by Miracle Games to exercise all management responsibilities and rights in the community.

25. The effectiveness of this Convention is limited to the Miracle Games community and does not affect the actual rights and obligations of Miracle Games users.

26. This Convention shall be implemented as of the date of its promulgation. Miracle Games officially reserves the right to amend and publish this Management Specification to the extent permitted by law.