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  • Love Is All Around

    Love Is All Around co-published by MIRACLE GAMES INC, is a first-person perspective real-life interactive film and television love simulation product. Users will play the protagonist Gu Yi and interact sweetly with six characters with different personalities, enjoying real love situations. Choose different actions and decisions by clicking to shape your own destiny and feel the ups and downs and sweetness of real love. The product uses real-life scenes, real-person interpretations, and film and television-level sound effects, allowing users to experience a real love experience immersively. Under their tender care, how should you deal with it when you are busy making money to pay off debts? Should you abandon your feelings for money, or should you stick to your feelings? However, among this group of confidante, how do you choose? Who will ultimately be your partner for the rest of your life? In Love Is All Around, users will experience an unprecedented love adventure. Whether you are an adventurer pursuing excitement or a dreamer longing for romantic love, you will be given an unforgettable love experience. Enrich story content and plot choices to determine the direction and ending of the story. Come and experience the sweet pleasure of being surrounded by beauties and start your own sweet journey! [Product Features] ·First perspective, immersive love experience "Love Is All Around" is first-person perspective throughout, completely immersed in scene interaction and real-life simulation. It provides the immersive simulation experience, allows you to try more, and have an immersive love experience with the girl you like. ·Multiple branches, multiple endings, multiple hidden storylines The interactive video has designed more than a hundred story branches, twelve endings, multiple hidden story lines and bonus scenes for you, additionally, you can find achievement system, mining and multiple experiences in product. In the product, make the choice that goes with your heart, rather than the correct choice. ·Acting by real actors , shooting in real-life scenes Numerous wonderful behind-the-scenes stories are waiting to be discovered, revealing the actor's understandings of the character's inner world, and unravel the secrets of flirting through girl’s perspective. ·Various ways to play, finding the faint clues A variety of plot direction choices, discover key clues to the subsequent plot from scene interactions, and look for weak clues, which are closely related to the ending. Maybe everything is predestined, but sometimes being brave will change your fate. Come and play out your story. ·Different beauties, passionate love affairs Each character has a unique personality and backstory. Users will face various types of beauties, including charming, tender, innocent, willful, sexy and fiery, noble and stunning, etc. There will always be a kind of tenderness that will surround your heart and make you exclaim: "Love Is All Around!" The product supports 6 languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. _____________________________________________ MG official customer service email: Support@mguwp.com MG Official Help and Services: https://support.mguwp.com

  • MIRACLE GAMES Open Platform

    MIRACLE GAMES INC is an IT company dedicated to mobile Internet and gaming social platforms. Our tech team is formed of elites who used to work with Game Wave Technology and Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals(Microsoft MVP). Miracle Games platform is one of our products focuses on providing promotional and operational services for Windows 10 APPs and games. We help global developers acquire users and increase revenue on Microsoft Store. YueShang Business Ventures and Guangzhou Junhai have expressed their trust to us through tens of millions of Class A round of strategic investment. Miracle Games (MG for short) plays the core role of publisher and platform developer through the entire industry chain. We are the producer of the chain and rich in midstream-industry resources. Miracle Games is the largest social networking platform and publisher on Microsoft Store. Up to now, Miracle Games has contributed 227,535,783 ADs demonstrations (Ad Views), daily active users 3,647,512 (Total Device), registered users 4,542,883 (Total User) to 2,919 products of global partners,and has successively published products on Microsoft Store including "Headlines UWP", 37 Interactive Entertainment "Blades and Rings" ,YUNCHANG GAME "bad person 2", Yoozoo "Goddess Alliance III: League of Angels III", Mechanist Games“Dream Raiders”, Gekko Game“Rage of Kings” , GameHollyWood “Dragon Awaken”, ARATOG GAMES" Astro Lords "and other global developers range from different types of boutique apps and games.Many small and medium developers have successfully released products with the help of the MG platform. Among the top 50 games in Microsoft store, 20 of them are from MG, covering more than 190 countries and regions around the world including the United States, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Vietnam, India, Australia. China, China, etc., all suggest that we are one of the leading channel of the world. MG SDK is currently widely used in Microsoft store, providing developers with one-stop solutions, including game centers, social sharing, cross-promotion, and statistics. The same time, MG SDK also integrates Microsoft Bing translation, PowerBI interactive data visualization tools, Microsoft cognitive services and AI solutions, etc. Miracle Games is a Directory Member of the Beijing Animation Game Industry Association and also an important partner of Microsoft Global Independent Software Vendor(ISV), and is a member of Microsoft BizSpark growth program for startups, join Microsoft ID@Xbox developer plan, the Microsoft Cloud and Mobile Technology Incubation Member Program, and awarded the Golden Wing Award of "The Most Influential Game Distribution Platform of the Year". Mr. Ouyang Kai, the founder of the company, once led the establishment and successful operation of the Microsoft Cloud and Mobile Application Incubation Platform in Changsha High-tech Industrial Zone. Meanwhile, he is also the deputy secretary-general of the Game Internationalization Working Committee of the Animation Game Industry Alliance of Beijing. Hired by the Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League as the mentor of the Jiangxi Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Instructor Group. Hired as the Senior Instructor of the Incubator Entrepreneurship by Beijing Qingchuang Technology Incubator, and won the award of "Top Ten New Talents of the Chinese Game Industry of the Year" by The Game Publishing Committee of the China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association. Meanwhile, Miracle Games initiated and established the Global Windows Game Conference(GWGC for shoft), which obtained strong support from Microsoft. We have established a demonstration bases in Beijing, Nanyang High-tech Industrial Zone and Tianjin Dongli Lake to incubate innovative R&D teams. Our Mission: Global one-stop service platform for Pan-Internet application. Our Guidelines: Customer First: Our first goal is always to serve our customers. Technology: We bring high-quality products to small and medium-sized developers around the world through our advanced technology. Make Changes: We keep making changes for a better ourselves and a better future. Contact Us Tech support: Technic@mguwp.com Game release: BD@mguwp.com Ads cooperation: AD@mguwp.com Media cooperation: Market@mguwp.com HR Department: HR@mguwp.com

  • theChive: Funny for Life
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    *Probably the Best App in the World* All day, every day, theCHIVE brings you the most funny, sexy, and heartwarming photos & videos. theCHIVE app is a buffet of hilarity and hotness, with a touch of humanity…all served up in pictures and videos for your viewing pleasure. You must be really special! theCHIVE is home to the top humorous, interesting and uplifting content from around the world. Brothers John and Leo Resig started theCHIVE as a photoblog in 2008, with a trickle of daily visits by friends and family. Since then, theCHIVE has become a multi-faceted digital entertainment brand with over 30 million users per month and 800+ million content views monthly. Backing theCHIVE’s content is Chive Studios, a full-service production studio which was founded to create all original content, photo shoots and event activations. Along with its multi-tiered entertainment content, theCHIVE is powered by its massive user base and charitable community. Users submit over 5,000 pieces of content daily and meet offline every week. This application comes from third parties.

Resist bad games, refuse pirated games. Pay attention to self-protection, beware of being deceived. Moderate gaming benefits the brain, addiction to gaming harms the body. Arrange your time reasonably, enjoy a healthy life. Age rating: Suitable for use by those 18 and older.
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