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MG Store Clash of Empire: Christmas activities come

Source:MIRACLE GAMES Release Time:2022-12-20 12:34:31 Views:599

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Clash of Empire Christmas

1. Name: Christmas Activity
2. Time: 00:00, December 24 to 00:00, December 29 (utc)
3. Description:
1. During the activity, you can get a lot of props every day by completing the activity tasks; The number of accesses cannot exceed the daily limit. 2. You can obtain the activity props by killing the big map wild monsters and gathering the field camps. The falling of props is not limited by the daily upper limit. (The probability of dropping the props on the same day will gradually decrease as the number of kills increases)
3. Use the activity props to decorate the Christmas tree, you can get a lot of contribution value and receive the reward of contribution treasure box, and have a chance to get a new look xxx.
4. Picking up decorations of other league Christmas trees can increase the contribution value of the league Christmas trees (not included in individual contribution value); In the process of picking up, members of the league may be expelled.
5. Upgrade the level of the Christmas tree, and you can get rewards from the whole league; The rewards will be distributed to the lords by mail.
6. During the activity, every 2 hours, Santa Claus will leave a large number of Christmas treasures in the Black Forest and Resource Tower, and the lord can get rich rewards through exploration; However, exploring treasures in the Black Forest may be attacked by other lords. (The fight for Christmas treasure will not cause soldiers to die, and 99.8% of the wounded soldiers will be revived)
7. On December 25, all lords can get the Christmas celebration treasure box from Santa Claus and get huge rewards.
8. During December 24-25, you can get rich rewards by sharing activities every day.

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