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MG Store The Qin Empire: International: Secrets that New People Don't Know

Source:MIRACLE GAMES Release Time:2023-06-15 10:33:20 Views:204

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Secrets that New People Don't Know (Resource Chapter)

① Quick access to resource packs:
Firstly, let me explain to you the term "resource pack" (rebel stronghold) in our district.
Whenever you are defeated and need to rest. Remember: This is your best safe haven. If we use four word words to describe this simply, it is: people are foolish and have more money. He appears in the three squares of the player city, and clicking on "Defender Information" will reveal the resources available by defeating the stronghold. In the current version, it should be a "benefit" left by the producer. The actual defenders here are much better than the displayed ones, and even the 10th level stronghold only has three soldiers. Moreover, attacking a stronghold does not require the consumption of any tokens or other materials, so when there are no resources, simply finding and attacking the stronghold can greatly restore vitality.

② Quick access to resources for hoarding:
Don't use the resources in your backpack when you don't need them. Use when the supply is urgent. If there is no shortage of resources now, it is better to keep him lying in his backpack.
After a certain resource is out of stock, you can use this resource to refresh and purchase other resources in the mall. Although trading less for more, it is important to know that even if you do not exchange, you will not receive any resources due to a shortage.

③ Regarding resource ratio:
Due to significant military losses in the early stages, there was a larger shortage of grain and iron; With development, both military and building upgrades are needed, so wood has become insufficient; When the sub city was just built, due to resource output not keeping up and building upgrades having doubled, there was a shortage of stone materials

Due to the basic maturity of generals and skills, and minimal combat damage, there are often situations of grain shortages and insufficient stones. I hope everyone can avoid this situation from happening.

④ Regarding the main city tax:

The expropriation is influenced by the "level of the main city" and the "quantity of resource land". It is recommended that petty bourgeoisie players charge twice a day with the full amount of forced tokens (wait until the cooldown time is 0 before forcing tokens, each time only costs 20 yuan). As for resources, it is only recommended to point to iron ore. Because compared to other resources obtained in daily life, the amount of resources obtained is dozens of times that of iron ore, while expropriation can obtain only three or four times less resources than other resources.

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