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MG Store Flower Home: Build Your Dream Garden Life

Source:MIRACLE GAMES Release Time:2023-06-14 18:49:20 Views:174
Experience good games, come to Miracle Games Store.

Flower Home game garden is very large, so players have to take care of the garden is not an easy thing, your garden can be planted inside a lot of flowers and plants, and when the flowers are blooming is very beautiful, this garden is hand-made by the player, right in front of your house, so that players can see the fruits they planted every day when they go out, is very interesting, but also very Good-looking, let your house angry all become very strong.

[Game Features]
1. if you like this kind of game then this is a good choice oh, in this play can let you enjoy the fun of planting;
2. there are many seeds of plants in the mall that you can buy and subsequently plant in your garden;
3. the game when the task only takes some time, the operation of the click on the start will automatically go to complete.

[Game play]
1, open a happy home life, a variety of interactive play can be carried out in the game, feel the romance of the idyllic life;
2, a variety of game play, more challenges waiting for players to open in the game;
3, together to experience a variety of happy garden time, more play can be carried out in the game.

[Game Raiders]
1, feel the wonderful story of daily life, so you can open a new chapter every day.
2、Mini cartoon graphics, very fun, the overall operation is highly free, you can interact in real time.
3, the game supports multiplayer online mode, every day you can meet new friends, feel too much fun.

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