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MG Store Thunder Battle: Military Rank Battlefield Introduction

Source:MIRACLE GAMES Release Time:2022-03-02 17:41:09 Views:301

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Dear commander

What level you have reached since the game is online? After reaching level 25, you can start the rank battlefield. The rank battlefield is one of the PVP play methods in the game. Commanders can compete for the rank ranking symbolizing glory in the rank battlefield and obtain a lot of materials.
The rules of military rank battlefield are as follows:
You can see different ranks in the battlefield and the targets level will be 2 level higher or lower than you.
Challenging the target (whether win or lose) will consume the number of challenges. If the target is higher than yourself, you need to consume more.
If you defeat a target at the same level, you can gain honor and 6% of the target's resources.
Target level = your level + 1, and the proportion of resources obtained = 7.5%.
Target level = your level + 2, and the proportion of resources obtained = 9%.
Target level = your level - 1, proportion of resources obtained = 4.5%.
Target level = your level - 2, and the proportion of resources obtained = 3%.
The number of challenges will recover automatically after consumption, but there is a maximum number of challenges per day.
The rank battlefield have to be counted everyday. If the honor points meet the upgrade requirements, the rank will be automatically promoted.
Corresponding to each rank, you can activate the medal and increase the attribute value of all lineups.
The challenged and defeated players will automatically enter the war free protection for 1 hour.
Players in the war free protection cannot be attacked, but if they take the initiative to attack others, the war free protection will be automatically canceled.

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