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MG Store Thunder Battle: Super Shipyard Upgrade Manual

Source:MIRACLE GAMES Release Time:2022-02-23 15:05:49 Views:233

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Dear commanders:
Do you want to master the secret of rapidly increasing combat power? Take a quick look at this super strong shipyard upgrade manual, quickly learn how to upgrade warships, help you stand out in the copy, and lead your allies to victory in the alliance war!

Improve warship skill points and give full play to warship skills
Each warship has its main skills and performs its duties in the fleet. Timely and effectively accelerate the upgrading of warship skill points and improve the warship's damage. Damage and maintenance skills in combat, which can make the victory of battle come faster! Gold coins can upgrade skill points. After the skill points are used up, if you don't want to wait for the skill points to recover, you can also use diamonds to replenish them.

Strengthen warship equipment and improve warship performance
To improve the combat effectiveness of warships, an essential part is to upgrade and strengthen warship equipment. Upgrading equipment can greatly improve the attack power, defense, durability and other attributes of warships. Of course, equipment upgrading and recasting can also improve the attributes of warships.

Strengthen warship components and gain more firepower
Each warship needs 8-9 components to maintain different performance of the warship, such as turrets that used to shoot enemy commanders and sailors, stealth devices that used to hide a series of actions of submarines, and so on. Therefore, using existing resources to strengthen various components of warships can become the key to winning the enemy!

Evolve / transform warships and greatly improve warship attributes
In the game, ship evolution is the only function that can improve the initial attribute of warships, which is the multiplication base of other systems. If you want to upgrade a warship, it is essential to select evolutionary warships in stages. Of course, the transformation of warships will also generate a transformation bonus, which will greatly improve the attributes of warships.

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