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MG store "Knights of Fantasy: Guard Justice" newbie guide

Source:Miracle Games Release Time:2021-06-17 17:17:29 Views:458

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The Win10 version of Knights of Fantasy: Guard Justice is a two-dimensional style competitive battle RPG game. This game has beautiful graphics. Players can experience the best two-dimensional world in the game。 Today, I will share some practical strategies for all players, so that newbie can Play the game well.

1. 7-day opening service welfare: The game will have 7 days of opening service welfare activities, and rewards will be obtained by completing the corresponding tasks. These task rewards can allow us to quickly expand the number of heroes and improve our attributes.

2. Attacking the BOSS: As a large number of treasures in the Odom Continent are occupied by monsters, actively participating in the attack of the boss can provide us with a lot of materials to improve our attributes.

3. Raise the dungeons and trials every day: Clear these dungeons and trials to obtain various training props for various needs and accelerate the growth of the character.

4. Collect heroes: there are a total of four classes of heroes, warrior, magician, hunter, and knight. The more heroes you recruit, the greater the overall improvement in combat power.

5. Complete more tasks: The rewards provided by daily tasks, guild tasks, achievements and other activities are very rich, and more completion can bring us huge benefits in the early stage.

6. Actively participate in operation activities: There are a lot of activities waiting for us in the game every day, and active participation can get a lot of props rewards

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