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Miracle Games Platform Parental Guardianship Project

Application Process


The "Online Gaming Minor Guardian Project" is an initiative launched by MIRACLE GAMES INC in accordance with national regulations and under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China. It aims to strengthen parental guardianship over minors' participation in online games, guide minors to participate in online games in a healthy and green manner, and promote harmonious family relationships through social welfare actions. It provides a practical method and a channel for parental monitoring, making it possible for parents to correct the behavior of some minors addicted to games. This social welfare action fully reflects the high sense of social responsibility of China's online gaming industry, the attention to the legitimate rights and interests of minor players, and the desire to create a harmonious society through practical actions.


"Guidelines for Healthy Participation of Minors in Online Games"

As the internet becomes more prevalent among young people, minors accessing online games has become a common phenomenon. To protect minors' healthy participation in games, under the premise of the government further strengthening industry management, parents should also enhance their guardianship and guidance. To this end, we offer the following suggestions for minors participating in online games:

1. Actively control gaming time. Gaming should be a diversion from learning and life; participate actively in offline activities and let your parents know about your behavior and experience in online games.

2. Avoid participating in games that may require a lot of time. Do not play large-scale role-playing games or games with PK settings. School students should not play games for more than 2 hours a week and should not spend more than 10 yuan a month on games.

3. Do not use games as an emotional crutch. Especially when facing stress and setbacks in real life, communicate more with family and friends instead of relying solely on games to relieve stress.

4. Develop a positive and healthy gaming mentality. Overcome psychology of comparison, flaunting, hatred, and revenge, avoiding the formation of bad online behaviors such as bullying the weak and robbing others.

5. Pay attention to the protection of personal information. Including personal family, friends' identity information, home, school, work addresses, phone numbers, etc., to guard against online traps and cybercrime.


Parental Guardianship Application Process

The parental guardianship system fully considers the actual needs of parents. When parents find that their children are overly addicted to gaming, parents can provide legal guardianship qualification proof, the game account name, and their wishes regarding the intensity of restrictions. Various restrictive measures can be taken on the account of the child addicted to gaming, solving the adverse phenomenon of minors addicted to online games, such as limiting the daily gaming time interval and length, restricting gaming to weekends only, or complete prohibition.


Parental Guardianship Progress Inquiry

If you have already applied for the parental guardianship service, you can inquire about the latest progress of your service application by Customer Service to send me a message. You can find out whether your fax has been received, if there is any additional information needed to be submitted, or if the account has already been processed, etc. During the service period, if you have any questions about the information you need to submit or about the processing results, or if you have any other questions, you can contact us at any time. A dedicated customer service supervisor will provide you with consultation and answer services, or assist and guide you in resolving any issues.

Guardianship Channel

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Zip Code:100022

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Room 704, Floor 7, Block C, SOHO Modern City, No. 88 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing


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