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    Participating users can use screenshots of games or social media. For example, any social platform can send [Happy New Year, Miracle Games, Happy Year of the Rabbit] and @relevant games or MG official accounts, save screenshots, upload them to the activity page and enter blessings to complete the participation of the activity
    In the activity, all participants can post [Happy New Year, Miracle Games, Happy Year of the Rabbit] on social platforms and mention related games or Miracle Games official accounts, save screenshots and upload them to the event page, and enter blessing messages to complete participation in the event.
    You have 3 likes every day, and you can get 3 additional likes for the first successful sharing (once a day only). The times of likes you get can be used only on that day. Likes will be reset to the original state at 0:00 (utc-4).
    The top three users with the highest number of likes can get gift officially provided by MG, and the blessing messages more than 30 likes can also get a New Year gift package (worth 99 dollars).
    The end time is up to 23:59 (utc-4) on January 27, 2023. The top three winners will be publicized on the activity page within 2 working days after the event.
    After the event, the winners' list will be publicized, and the winners' email will be contacted immediately by official email (Support@mguwp.com) to confirm the prizes. Please pay close attention to the winners' information on the event home page and the relevant emails in the bound email. If you cannot provide the valid address information within 10 working days after the email is sent, you will be deemed to have given up the qualification of winning the prize.
    The physical prizes of the event will be delivered after the event. In case of force majeure (major natural disasters, major social abnormal events), customs and other problems, resulting in the slow mailing progress of the prizes, please wait patiently; If the physical prize cannot be mailed, it can be replaced with the corresponding Amazon electronic gift card according to the value of the physical prize; If the goods cannot be received or the prizes are lost due to the user's reason (e.g. wrong address, wrong mailing information), the user shall bear all the responsibilities.
    All time rules of this event are subject to utc-4 international time.
    If the pictures uploaded by users do not meet the requirements of the activity, or involve violations, cheating and other reasons, users will be disqualified from winning the award and the rewards obtained in the activity will be deducted.
    If you have any activity questions, please consult the official customer service email: Support@mguwp.com Discord: https://discord.gg/tVFXZwp.
    MG reserves all rights of the activity.
    Only JPG, JPEG and PNG images are supported
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