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The second group of Miracle Games new games experience team is recruiting now

Source:MIRACLE GAMES Release Time:2020-08-14 19:07:47 Views:1711

Experience good games, come to Miracle Games Store!


Are you still frustrated because you can't grab the test quota for the new game?

Are you still worried about not finding teammates when playing new games? Are you still angry because of unfun games? To eliminate these problems, Miracle Games began to recruit the first group of Miracle Games new games experience team for all game lovers. A large wave of senior player teammates are approaching you so that you will no longer fight alone! This is a fresh game evaluation team, the members of MG new games experience team can get the test qualification of countless outstanding internal games in the first time. This not only satisfies the curiosity of game lovers but also the wishes of players.

The most exciting thing is that all the goods in the game are free to use during the game testing. Members with outstanding performance also have the opportunity to be promoted to members of the "elite team" and enjoy thousands of M beans benefits every month! As long as you like to play games, you can sign up to join us, MG new games experience team has no threshold at all! No technical restrictions! Come join the MG new games experience team.

[Recruitment Time]

Long-term effective

[Recruitment Range]

For all Win10 players

[Recruitment Details]

Dear Win10 players, we sincerely invite you to invite you to join the MG new games experience team,Let's make a friend together!However, as a member of the experience team, you can enjoy the special benefits of the experience team members, but you also need to perform the following responsibilities:

If you think you have enough love and time for the game and can complete the above responsibilities, you are welcome to contact us to join our MG new games experience team, we have been waiting for you here!

In this recruitment, we will lead the first group of MG new games experience team into our upcoming SLG game Rise and Conflict !

Rise and Conflict is a new strategy game combines with sandbox, RTS, MMO and RPG types on the basis of the traditional strategy games,which supports Win10, Android phones, and you can use the same account.The beasts, arms, skills, equipments, alliances, and multi-civilization forces of the medieval magical world are all perfectly displayed.

[Download Link]

Miracle Games Store “Rise and Conflict” Official Website:[Click to enter]

Miracle Games Store “Rise and Conflict” Trila Download Link:[Click to enter]

[Contact Us]

Players who are interested in participating can contact us through any of the following contact methods



Facebook:[Click to enter]

Discord:Miracle Games#6921

Applicants should specify when applying: your name, game experience, areas of expertise (such as PVE, PVP, writing strategy, etc.)

[Rewards of the team]

What are the benefits of joining the new games experience team? As a member of the team, you can get the following privileges:

1) The privilege of MG's new game priority experience: all recharges of currency are free during the test.

2) You can prioritize the latest game activities and news.

3) Every month you can get 3000 diamonds/gold coins in the game (provisional value) or equivalent value packages, props, etc., so that you can easily

grow in the game (the specific reward content depends on the game you play).

4) You will get the management authority of the game player group and become the manager of the game communication group, so that you can give full

play to your management skills.More rewards will continue to be enriched according to the opinions of experience team.

[Special Instructions]

1) The validity period of this event is long-term.

2) Players need to perform their responsibilities according to the agreement, otherwise they will be removed from the experience team.

3) The final interpretation of this activity belongs to Miracle Games.

Miracle Games Operation Team