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Brilliant V Plan: MiracleGames Recruits Global Player Opinion Leaders

Source:MIRACLE GAMES Release Time:2020-05-28 16:53:54 Views:62946

Dear global players:

Opinion leaders have a lofty position in the minds of players in this new media era and have a profound impact. With the explosion of Infos, opinion leaders can see the future in mass Infos and deliver correct Infos. Opinion leaders can cross from the fog and point directly at the core of conflicts when faced with hot events.

The Microsoft Store is spreading all over the world rapidly and has a large number of game products. As a global opinion leader, recommend excellent games to players, choose the MiracleGames platform, and let your new ideas germinate, let unique ideas shine, it is an important thing for you to think about.

MiracleGames has launched the Opinion Leader V plan, which aims to find senior players in the Microsoft Store to enhance the spread and influence of excellent content. We will select the "Super V Star" and give honorary medals and surprise awards every month! Player Opinion Leader V plan, looking forward to your joining!

[Event Time] The event is valid for a long time, select Super V Star every month

[Event Conent]:

1. Players can submit articles, MiracleGames official will select 8 "Super V Star" each month;

2. Each "Super V Star" will get 3000 M beans;

3. "Super V Star" will be selected from articles submitted by players before 0:00 [UTC+8]on the 28th of each month. Articles submitted after this time will be added to the selection scope of the next month;

4. The selection result of "Super V Star" will be announced within 5 working days after the submission of the article. Rewards will be issued within 2 working days after the announcement of the award list;

5.The forum of the MiracleGames platform will be launched soon. After the launch, "Super V Star" can get more honors and rewards.

[Requirements of Super V Star]

1. The creative agency or individual player of the game's original content, the article has in-depth.

2. Sensitive and insightful about the popular game evaluations, game strategies, and hot topics of any popular games.

3. It is better to focus on a vertical segment of games, such as Xbox games, e-sports games, and two-dimensional games.

[Requirements for submission articles]

The number of words is not limited. The article needs closely linked to a certain game or hot topic, and the personalized interpretation of the viewpoint is carried out to convey rational thinking.

Welcome the ones who have insightful and rational opinions join ''Miracle Games Brilliant V Plan''.



Discord:Miracle Games#6921

[Column Introduction]

As a high-end column that MiracleGames focuses on, it has already gathered many senior players, media professionals, and game development experts from around the world.

We gather ideas, we spread energy, we stand on the shoulders of giants to see the future game world.

MiracleGames Player Opinion Leader V Plan is looking forward to your joining!


1. During this event, the event time is subject to the server time UTC + 8;

2. M Beans is a common currency of MiracleGames platform and can be recharged in any game of MiracleGames. [Click to know]

3. The final interpretation of this event belongs to the MiracleGames platform.