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Source:Legend of Warships Release Time:2019-12-17 18:53:00 Views:875

The game truly interprets the ultimate form of contemporary three-dimensional naval warfare. The model of hundreds of ships and faces is restored to the classic.Very humanized exclusive non-commissioned officer training system, well-known military consultants throughout the production process, contemporary super-arms holographic decryption, a brand new battlefield for thousands of military fans!

Game core strategy:

Ships: The core of the game. Players obtain ships by drawing ships or other activities. The higher the quality of the ship, the stronger the ship's ability. Players need to continuously upgrade the ship's capabilities by upgrading, transforming, improving the ship's skill level, and training. If there are more unused ships, players can disassemble the ships.

Medal: Players can obtain medals through extraction or other activities. The higher the medal quality, the better the attributes. Players need to upgrade and transform the medal to continuously improve the medal ability.

Captain: Players can obtain the captain through extraction or other activities. Some ships have exclusive captains. When the exclusive captains are configured, the corresponding functions are activated.

Accessories: ship equipment, game core development. The higher the quality, the stronger. Can provide ships with more firepower. Increase the ability of the character. Players can upgrade, modify and advance the accessories!

1、 Explore Badges: There are tons of Warship Wreckages and treasure under the deep sea. Explore it to find legendary badges!

2、 Challenge the Big Seven: Challenge the 7 most powerful Battleships in the world and win Merit to customize your badges!

3、 Shipbuilding: The new age of war has begun, and the naval forces are the key to win it Are you ready to build your own fleet for victory and freedom?

4、 Recruit Captains: You can claim free recruit order as time goes by or spend diamonds to buy recruit orders. Use recruit order to have chance to recruit legendary captains!