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MG Store APK: Android Phone and Computer Installation Instructions

Source:Miracle Games Release Time:2019-12-13 15:24:48 Views:8355

Tips for this installation:

1. The APK application download provided by the MG Store is applicable to various brands of Android phones, but can't be downloaded on Iphone.

2. The APK builds provided by the MG Store has been officially reviewed, please feel at ease to download! During the installation process, if you encounter a security prompt, please choose to ignore it. If you encounter an installation program that is suspected of stealing any user's privacy, please report it through the MG official customer service email: support@mguwp.com.

3. The APK application provided by the MG Store can be installed through your computer. For computer installation instructions, please [Click to View]

4. APK introduction: APK is the abbreviation of Android application package, Android application (apk). You can transfer the APK application (installation package) directly to your Android phone to perform the installation.

5. Application downloads provided by the MG Store, including Windows 10 UWP version, APK installation package, etc. You can use the same MG account to log in to all applications. The account data of Windows 10 computer and mobile phone is consistent, providing you with the best service experience!

The following is the APK application provided by the MG store. Android phone installation instructions:

1. Open your phone's browser

Open mobile browser

Let's take Chrome as an example, double-click to open the browser

2.Go to MG Store website
• Type www.mguwp.com in the browser navigation bar
Go to the MG Store platform website
• Search The World of Chaos in the platform to enter the game introduction page (if you want to download other games, please enter the name of other games)

3. Start downloading games

From the MG platform homepage to the game introduction page

Or type https://www.mguwp.com/games?appkey=7231CE22D6 directly in the browser navigation bar

Go to game introduction page

Click on the red box in the picture below

MG App Store Download button for game download

4. Download the game installation package

Download APK for download game installation

The APK builds provided by the MG App Store has been officially reviewed and never cooperate with doubtful vendors, please feel at ease to download.

5. Complete the game installation package download

Save game install APK package

After downloading, select Open to prepare for game installation

6.Install game

Click INSTALL to start game installation

7. Finish installation

After game installation is complete

Select DONE to return to the mobile desktop

Select OPEN to directly open the game and enter the experience

8. Enter the game

Back to mobile desktop

Click on the game ICON, double click to enter the game

9. Experience game

After login MG account and password

Select the server to enter the game for experience