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MG store Infinity Kingdom: come to learn about the inner city buildings!

Source:MIRACLE GAMES Release Time:2023-08-10 16:05:51 Views:326

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Welcome to Noren's classroom. The content of the course will not be too long. Lords, please don't forget to read it patiently. You will definitely gain a better understanding of Noren.

Among all the inner city buildings in the lord's territory, the main castle is one of the most important buildings. Let me explain in detail what aspects are important!

1. The level of the main castle limits the buildable level of all buildings in the territory.

The higher the level of the main castle, the higher the buildable level of other buildings in the territory.

2. As the level of the main castle increases, the recovery speed of the lord's prosperity will gradually increase.

Ps: After the prosperity degree is damaged, it will affect the resource output speed in the territory, so the improvement of the prosperity degree recovery speed can make the resource output speed of the lord's territory quickly return to normal state.

3. The improvement of the main castle level can greatly increase the number of troops led by the heroic spirits and improve the combat power.

The more heroic spirits lead troops, the stronger they will be in battle.

4. The level of the main castle will also increase the development potential of the lords in military, agriculture, technology and other aspects.

As the level of the main castle increases, the lords will appoint official positions in the main castle. Different official positions will bring different benefits to the lords, including production-related resource production speed bonuses, military-related soldier training speed and soldier Recovery speed bonus and technology-related building and technology upgrade speed bonus, etc.

In addition, the lords can also match their favorite appearance for the main castle, and the appearance can be directly displayed on the map, which can be described as the most powerful tool for showing off!

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