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MG Store Nova: Space Armada Newbie Raiders

Source:MIRACLE GAMES Release Time:2023-08-09 15:21:28 Views:696

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1. Start, commander Lv.1-10
Complete the story quests to level up to commander lv.10, and then upgrade your space station to lv.10, from this moment on, your building level will not be restricted by your commander level. You can max out your building level as long as you got the resources. However, before upgrading your space station buildings, let’s move to the Research Lab-Station Research Path, and complete Mechanical Engineering System as many levels as possible, that way you can save up some resources while upgrading your station buildings.

Building Function
Space Station: Increases your workship amount and your Leadership (affects the amount of your ships)
Factory: Produces components, ship hulls to help edit fleets, and components requested by Orders.
Defense Terminal: Enables your space station with combat abilities, you can install any ship components on it with one extra weapon type called “xxx Array”. You can get this type of weapon through in-game events, or by purchasing in CosmoTycoon shop. But it is too expensive so it’s not recommended. However, you can also purchase it in Republic shop with 23k RC.
Radar Station: Makes it easier for you to beat Stealth Scavengers, which offer great rewards for every first kill, ships and components and the like. Even if they’re too powerful for you, you can still make it through with your Maintenance Robots, but I don’t recommend it as the Robots are too valuable.
Ship Center: Increases ship HP for all kinds of ships
Ore Storage Station: Collects minerals (Lean Ore, Rich Ore, or Rare Ore)
Smelter: Refines your minerals to Alloys and Crystals
Research Lab: Increases Research speed (try to get to Lv.15 Research Lab as soon as possible as it unlocks your third fleet)

If you want to complete various researches even faster, you can use a Research Speed Increase item by going to the Buff tab in your sidebar. It will increase your research speed by 25%. Then, it is better to prioritize the “Persistent Scholars” and “Quantum Computer” research because they will increase research speed and reduce research costs.
Talents will be available at Lv.10
Talents for normal players: 32231  12232 (indicates the specific talent in each Talent section)
My opinion: Normal players should focus on saving resources and on how to get resources faster. For example, the first Talent section, the 1st and the 2nd are not recommended because they will put much pressure on your Factories. Since you won’t have many components at the beginning of the game, your Factories will be producing components or ship hulls most of the time. So in that case, we should choose the 3rd talent in the first talent section. Subspace Speed is also recommended as it boosts your speed while hunting Scavengers and collecting wreckages. It is also worth noting that you should focus on your fleets over your space station. Finally, it’s better to boost your Beam weapon damage since you won’t have Starburst Gamma Ray Gun from Argo Black Market. But you can change the beam talent once you have some powerful beam weapons in your stash.

Talents for whales: (2 or 3) 2231  12222 (indicates the specific talent in each Talent section)
My opinion: Whales do not have that much pressure when it comes to getting resources. Compared to normal players, whales should focus on battles and boosting fleet strength. Increasing Order capacity will help you get commander exp faster. Or you can choose to increase the RC obtained from Orders, which will build up your reputation faster among different Factions. The choices vary from person to person.

This concludes the Talent recommendation, but these are only my humble opinions. If you want to change your talent later, it only requires 100 GEC
4.Strength Config
①Edit ships and upgrade components
It’s not that necessary to focus one of your fleets on a specific role as normally you won’t have many components to choose from. So, install any components you have and if you don’t have enough ship hulls or components, fire up your Factories. This is a great design for players who don’t want to pay at the beginning of the game. When you have some new ships and components later in the game, you can start working on which ship goes well with which kind of weapon, perfecting your fleets along the way (you will receive Apollo Industrial Destroyer when your Research Lab reaches Lv.18, it’s a powerful ship)
Upgrading your components will increase your strength significantly, but it costs too many materials, and since the number of materials required will go up with your component level, I suggest you upgrade your components to Lv.10 and your ship hulls to Lv.30. After that, you can prioritize according to your likings.

②Upgrading buildings and researches
Both tasks require Alloys and Crystals. But you can get the two resources in many ways, to name a few, various missions, daily tasks, and collecting from wreckages (focuses on resource wreckages, not resource deposits on the map). But it’s best to plunder from other players’ space stations. One thing they all need is RC, you can get many RC by eliminating Stealth Scavengers, Orders, Faction Missions, and Deep Space Exploration.

③Fleet Formation (very small part)
Each Admiral will have a unique Fleet Formation, which can be upgraded with “Commanding Configurators” obtained from Planet Exploration and various events. It is a must to complete Planet Explorations daily as you might bump into discount shops where you can purchase various stuff with RC or GEC (such as Battle Chips/Computers, Components, component upgrading materials...etc.)
5.Map Gameplay
Once you’re familiar with all these, congrats, you’re now an official Republican Station Commander. But what are these preparations for?
If you followed the mission to join an Alliance at the start of the game (if you don’t like your Alliance, you can quit at any time, but you cannot join back within 24 hours), you can now open your Galaxy map where you will see many solar systems. Each vacant solar system can be occupied with an Outpost by one of your Alliance managers (if you’re only an ordinary member of your Alliance, you can only help with the construction). With an outpost built, the solar system will be successfully occupied as it is now in the influence range of the newly-built outpost.

How to occupy Scavenger territory faster Since the Scavengers will have many outposts throughout the galaxy, so if you destroy them one by one it might take forever. In this case, the Alliance manager should assign a single Alliance member to one Scavenger Outpost, when you attack the Scavenger territory, only attack their Outpost. And then the outpost is destroyed, recall the fleets immediately to skip the battle with the stationed Scavenger fleets

Now, with all of the following said, you should have a general idea of what this game is all about. As you progress through the game, you will learn the strength of togetherness in events like War of Goliath, Goliath Plane Battle. You’ll first need to work with your Alliance members, and then in cross-server events, you will need to work with all the players on your server. And then there’s Heaven’s Veil, another event in the game, which will teach you how important it is to carefully edit your fleets.

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