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MG Store 4X: My Empire: gameplay guide

Source:MIRACLE GAMES Release Time:2023-07-24 15:50:02 Views:580

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Hello lords, today we bring you the latest gameplay guide.
When the game is launched, the lord should try to eliminate as many rebels as possible, obtain resources and exchange equipment, quickly increase combat power, upgrade the lord level and town center level, open up more town functions, and unlock more buildings, allowing the town to develop faster.
The clearance campaign can recruit new troops, provide unit levels, and recruit higher level troops to prepare for the next attack on urban strongholds.
After the city is opened up, there will be an Empire Occupy City Competition, which generates faction values based on the number of cities occupied by the Empire for ranking. After the event, you can receive generous rewards based on your ranking.
After the server is open for a certain period of time, the challenge of opening the world boss (rebel leader) can be challenged daily by the lord. After the challenge, there will be a huge amount of experience rewards. After the rebel leader is defeated, the lords who have been defeated can go to the capital area for combat, while opening up higher-level rebels and resource areas for occupation and acquisition, thus obtaining resources faster.
After the map is fully unlocked, the lord can go to the Roman area. Open up higher-level rebels and resource areas. Occupying the capital in the Roman region can gain powerful gains. The king who starts the siege of the holy city and wins the siege of the holy city can receive the title of emperor, as well as rich rewards and power.

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