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MG Store Destiny of Armor Newbie guide to hero development

Source:MIRACLE GAMES Release Time:2023-06-21 15:32:24 Views:190

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Newbie guide to hero development

How to train heroes?
1、Improve the hero level
Troop troop quantity is upgraded, heroes carry more soldiers to increase combat power
After the hero level reaches the upper limit, you need to unlock the military rank, after upgrading the military rank, unlock the higher level upper limit
The way to upgrade the rank is to kill the enemy troops such as the black bee legion on the big map to get a small amount of experience; use props: sergeant's manual to get a large amount of experience
2、Raise hero rank
The role of military ranks are, raise the rank, the hero can unlock new skills; rank to admiral and marshal, will get additional talent points
The way to raise the rank, you need to use props: military identification plate

3、Improve skill level
Hero 1 skill is the active skill, 2, 3, 4 skills are passive, the last one is the awakening skill; to unlock a hero's awakening skill as the goal, so that the hero can play the full combat power
The way to upgrade skills: collect a certain number of exclusive tokens of the hero; when the hero token is insufficient, you can exchange the universal token for the hero's exclusive token
4、Hero talent
Heroes reach a certain level, unlock talent points, use talent points to light up the corresponding talent, increase the attributes of the troops, each hero has 2 talent routes, according to the needs of free choice

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