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MG Store Evony Play Evony's Pin -pulling puzzles to get treasures

Source:MIRACLE GAMES Release Time:2022-12-15 18:49:36 Views:847

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Play Evony's Pin -pulling puzzles to get treasures

Recently, puzzle games are popular among office workers. They can not only bring fun to people through diversified gameplay, but also exercise people's thinking and make them smarter. What is unexpected is that in SLG mobile game Evony also joined the puzzle game - Mysterious Puzzle.

The main gameplay of the Evony puzzle game is to solve puzzles by pulling the pin. Players need to adjust the order in which they pull the ring to allow the character to reach the treasure in the relic. Sounds simple, right?  But as the level gets harder, traps and monsters will appear.  This is where players need to use their brains. Each ring pull affects whether or not the character gets the treasure.

[Pin -pulling puzzles in Evony]

No.1 The Notification under the Walls

Evony has two entrances to the puzzle game. The first way to enter is near the "Walls". Behind the walls, there will be a subordinate with a question mark every day to remind the monarchs of the discovery of treasures. And clicking "go to" can enter the quest for treasure.

[The Notification under the Walls]

Then let us talk about the rewards in this entrance. Puzzles entered from the notification will have a star rating. The more stars you earn, the more rewards you get for completing the game. See the table below for details.

[The rewards in the "Notification"]

And the puzzle level in notification can be played 6 times per day. The levels you enter from here are random levels after level 33, so you don't have to worry about that they are repeated with previous primary levels. For advanced players, the rewards from the notification puzzles are not the same as the rewards for completing a level in Mysterious Puzzle, so try not to turn off the notification.

No.2 Mysterious Puzzle

The second entrance is the purple icon in the lower left corner of the city interface - Mysterious Puzzle.

[Mysterious Puzzle entrance]

In the Mysterious Puzzle, Monarchs can choose different maps to play on depending on their level. Each map has a unique scene style that fits the local culture.

Lv1-Lv5 Egypt

Lv6-Lv10 Japan

Lv11-Lv15 Maya

Lv16-Lv20 Viking

Lv21-Lv25 Byzantium

Lv26-Lv30 Arabia

Lv31-Lv35 Ancient Creece

How about rewards? The rewards for Mysterious Puzzle are also great, including Speedups, Resource items, Gold, Gems, Monarch EXP, Equipment chest, and so on.

And!!! After successfully passing 10 levels, there is the gift of purple historic general - Cleopatra!

[Historic General - Cleopatra]

In conclusion, if you like puzzle games, don't miss this one!

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