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MG Store Scarlet Fate 2: Character's Upgrading and Obtaining

Source:MIRACLE GAMES Release Time:2022-11-09 14:13:51 Views:5889

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I. Character Upgrading:

In Scarlet Fate, there are four kinds of class: Warrior, Magician, Archer and Knight. This is the characteristic of the Scarlet Fate. Each class plays a different role in the battle.


High defense, high HP plus good damage ability make Warrior the great front row character in the team.


Unique magic shield skill, high recovery and high AOE ability make magician become the important role in the team.


Very high single target damage and critical lethal ability make hunter become the powerful DPS in the team.


High recovery, high Dodge, whole team ATK Buff support make knight become the perfect front row role and support role in the team.

Different character’s star up in the same class, their increased stats will inherit and stack. In addition, due to the different class have different priority attribute, so recommended characters to all levels’ players are different.

Normal player: suggest main warrior, low or zero Top-up means your bonus damage is relatively low, so you may need spend more time in one battle. Only the warrior can survive and deal sufficient damage.

Middle player: suggest main Archer.

Very simple, heavy firepower. Let your front row take the damage, hunter deal tons of damage in the back row. The higher the output, the easier the game. Every shoot cause tons of damage. One word: Coooooool!

Rich player: suggest main Archer plus knight.

It's really easy for you to upgrade two characters at the same time due to your affluent materials. Archer with high Crit. and high DMG matched with knight with high ATK buff bonus. You can easily dominate your enemies’ life.

Other players which pay more attention to those Character’s appearance: suggest main Magician.

Magician has the best art original painting in Scarlet Fate. Their awesome skill effect, beautiful character appearance, great AOE ability make this class simple but powerful. When you face your enemies, just wait until all skills released, the world will be quiet again, and you're on your way to the next monster’s stronghold...

II. Character Obtaining:

At present, there are 169 characters in the game, with their own illustrations and background stories. The whole background story is an epic story. Illustrations are all painted by the top production team from Korea and Japan. Scarlet Fate is really a conscience work. If you are interested in the Japanese and Korean painting style game, you can take a look. Character acquisition can be divided into three categories.

1st category: Clear the map stage and tower, pass all kinds of instances to push the game progress. So even if players don't have time and money, also can collect a lot of characters.

2nd category: all kinds of Events. The variety of Events in the Scarlet Fate will make you collect a lot of materials and items. It also include a lot of characters. You even can find and obtain some OP character through this way. Recommended players which have time to participate in those Events.

3rd category: Feeding and First Top-up, players with financial strength can show their ability here. Almost all SSS character come from this. They have great BP, gorgeous special effects and Exclusive Artifact! You are the brightest star in the sky. Also, all those SSS characters can be obtain through Lottery. You can try your luck if you believe in yourself. May be you can obtain SSS through one draw!

All characters belong to four class. The more characters are recruited, the greater the overall BP will be. SSR and SSS characters have independent weapon effects. Go collect them!

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