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MG Store Legend City: Introduction of Roadster Factory, Prison and Encounter

Source:MIRACLE GAMES Release Time:2022-06-27 17:12:34 Views:178

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Dear president, here are the main activities in Legend City:

· Roadster Factory
Function Entrance
Roadster Factory of Main City page, which can be unlocked by winning battle through mission process.
Function Introduction
Roadster Factory is the main method of the production of Roadster. It features three functions: Production, Garage, and Shop.
The main method to obtain Roadster: Producing Roadster will cost engines and Cash. The Engines can be obtained through other methods in the game. You can obtain Roadsters after the production time ends. You may use Speedup Item to perform Production Speedup. As the position increases, you can unlock the production of Roadster of higher quality.
You may check the status of your owned Roadsters and Roadster Equipment. Select the Roadster at the Garage page to upgrade, advance, or sell the Roadster. Roadster Upgrade raises the Roadster's level and power, but it will cost different tiers of Modification Materials and Cash. Roadster Advanced allows you to raise the advanced roadster to Roadster of higher quality. Two identical Roadsters can be advanced into a Roadster of the next quality. You can sell the undesired Roadsters through Roadster Selling. 80% of the upgrade materials will be returned upon selling.

You may purchase the related items of the roadster. You have 2 free attempts to refresh daily.

· Prison System
What is Prison System
The player may plunder through Overseas Property. There is a chance for them to capture the victim's secretary and choose whether to imprison them to the jail. The player may interrogate or release the secretary imprisoned in the jail.
The player may interrogate the secretary locked in the jail once in a while and trigger random interrogation content. They may punish the secretary and earn rewards.
Tap on release will release the secretary and render you unable to receive ransom. If the player doesn't perform an action after the time ends, then the secretary will be automatically released and the player receive equivalent amount of ransom.
Rescue Secretary

If the player's secretary is imprisoned to the jail by other player already, the player may challenge this player to save the secretary or they may seek help from other player to reduce the imprisonment time of the secretary.

· Encounter System
Function Entrance
The Lake Garden in the Main City map, which can be unlocked by winning the battle after completing the missions.
You can use Encounter function to spend 1 point of Encounter and some Charm Points to trigger random events in the unlocked building. You will gain reputation and items based on the content of the event. When you run into a secretary, you will gain intimacy. When you have reached a specific intimacy with a secretary, you can obtain this secretary.
Quick Encounter
It is unlocked after reaching a specific VIP level, which will cost all Energy Points at one time, showing the Encounter result directly.
Energy Point

You will restore one point of Energy in every 30 minutes. You may use Energy Drink to restore energy points directly. Raising VIP level grants you higher Energy Point Cap.

Charm Point

Charm Point affects the chance for you to encounter a secretary. When your Charm Point is lower than 80, it will start to restore automatically. The cap value of the auto restoring is 80. You may use Air Blower to restore Charm Points. There are 3 attempts for a Good Care daily

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