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MG Store Isle of Genesis- Avalon: Introduction to the Britta Heroes

Source:MIRACLE GAMES Release Time:2022-05-16 12:45:24 Views:647

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Limit output damage is king! There are four camps with different backgrounds and characteristics in the world of the beginning of the source. They have their own unique play system. Today, I'll bring you an introduction to the play of the britta camp.

[introduction to britta]
Britta occupies more than half of the population of the whole continent and is famous for its bravery and good fighting. Therefore, the camp feature set in the game is to output violence. We call the heroes of the camp "violence team".
The playing method of the violence team is very "simple violence". The lineup focuses on injury and highlights the combination of single second and range violence output. This can be seen from the skill effect of several main players in the camp.
The skill of Airwolf has a very high single damage coefficient. Under the same combat power, it has the opportunity to directly kill the opponent. The single second ability is quite terrible.

Arthur Contact's initial skills have good damage. The heroic talent makes it continuously stack damage in battle. It can be said that the more the war is, the stronger it is.

Shana's talent characteristic is anger. The lower her HP is, the higher her attack, damage and critical hit rate is. She has a strong turning ability.

[camp advantages]
1. Strong explosion, high damage in one wave, can quickly reduce the enemy's personnel, and the PVP is very strong.
2. Hero skills and talents focus on injury, highlighting the core idea of the violence team.
3. Fast drawing pushing in the early stage.

[camp shortcomings]
1. Poor control and auxiliary ability.
2. The sustained combat capability is relatively weak, requiring quick decisions and high combat effectiveness.

[recommended lineup]
Battle: protagonist, setting, Airolf, Shana, Lilith, snow blowing
Reinforcements: Authur, flannel, carlius, Marian, Qianlan, Vanessa / zambroca
Advantages: more binding bonuses, while activating the combined attack of airwolf + Shana and dragon + snow blowing, and the output is more violent. Dragon's shield and Lilith's treatment ensure the viability of the team.

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