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MG Store Imagiblast: Online Now! Guard the Fable!

Source:MIRACLE GAMES Release Time:2022-05-13 10:44:07 Views:399

Experience good games, come to Miracle Games Store!

The original shooting casual game Imageiblast has been launched in Microsoft Store. Whether it becomes the fable or the terror is between your thoughts. Players who like plot and casual games must not miss it.

• Unique Plot, Charming Story
Imagiblast presents a complete story for players. Lady Spark, the embodiment of creativity, has disappeared. Her Imagination Factory has been taken over by the Terrors, and many of the legendary machine parts known as the Imagix, that keep the Factory working have fallen in the wrong hands. 
Now Mr. Widget, master of Science, has joined forces with Santa and other powerful Fables like Merlin and TheI Easter Bunny. They must shoot down the Terrors’ hordes, find Lady Spark, and restore Imagination and Hope to the world, for there can be no science without imagination!
The game plot full of educational significance is suitable for everyone to play the game.

• A Variety of Enemies, A Variety of Weapons
You can choose many kinds of bullets and match hundreds of weapons to deal with the attacks of different enemies. Use the most appropriate weapon to give your enemies a fatal blow.

• Upgrade Your Equipment, Defeat Stronger Enemies
You can upgrade your weapons and walls by defeating your enemies to get rewards, and use them to defeat those who are difficult to defeat. Accumulation, cultivation, let you experience the pleasure of becoming stronger.

• The Fable or the Terror, Challenge the Different Playing Methods
In Imagiblast, you can play as the Fable, or as the Terror. These two forces will show you completely different games.
When you enter PVE story mode and PVE coop mode, you will play as a fable, The PVE Dungeons mode will experience becoming the terror. You can even select the PVP mode to fight with other players as the fable or the terror.

Such an interesting game has been launched in Microsoft Store now. Come and experience it!

MG Store Website: Imagiblast: Innovative Shooting Competitive Game - MIRACLE GAMES Store (mguwp.com)

Microsoft Store download link: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9NVGC924DD23