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MG Store Thunder Battle: Parts and equipment

Source:MIRACLE GAMES Release Time:2022-04-22 18:02:47 Views:255

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The components and equipment of Thunder Battle are the skeleton of the ship, which determines the hardness of the ship. The higher the component and equipment level of a ship, the higher its dimension attribute

1. Components

Consumable parts can be upgraded to components. The higher the component level, the more relevant skill attributes will be added

The higher the component level of the aircraft carrier, the higher the anti submarine value, and the shorter the time to detect the opponent's submarine.

The higher the component level of the submarine, the higher the stealth value, and the time of being detected by the opponent aircraft carrier will increase

The higher the component level of the warship, the higher the torpedo damage reduction value, and the damage value of the opponent's submarine will be greatly reduced.

2. Equip

Equipment assembly on the main lineup can improve the attributes of the lineup and how to add a lot of combat effectiveness. The higher the equipment level, the higher the star level, and the higher the attributes to be improved.

Preferred to assemble orange suit > orange> purple suit> purple> blue suit> blue

At checkpoints, equipment factories, sea overlords and wolf operations, you can get a lot of equipment and assemble the lineup according to the above principles.

3 novice suggestions

When resources are limited, you can give priority to upgrading the components of the main ship without brain. What ship you have in your hand is what ship's components. After adjusting the lineup, decommissioning the current ship, parts back to 100%.

When better equipment is obtained, replace the original one at the first time and decompose the original into materials for the current star upgrade, which can greatly improve the combat effectiveness.

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