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MG Store Dragon Awaken Peak Duel, Fierce Fight

Source:EPS Digital Studios Release Time:2021-04-09 10:46:53 Views:614

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Speaking of the event in "Dragon Awaken", I believe that everyone is familiar with the battle of the gods. It should have already started. After all, this event is the first to prove your strength and the second is for generous rewards. You can't stop taking the title of cool.

The most important thing in the battle of the gods is the points. The more points you can get a lot of rewards. Everyone you participate in in the preliminaries will get a lot of points, and the points can also be exchanged for the mark of the king. This item is also Very important!

In the battle of the gods, those who can fight to the end can also get the title. The first place can get the rule of the gods, the second place can get the regional death god, the third place can get the heaven god of war, and the 4-8th place in the finals can get the title. The title of the Golden Saint, the 9th-16th the title of the Silver Saint, and the 17th-32nd the title of the Bronze Saint.

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