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Capsmon Adventure: Brave Heroes Assemble

Capsmon Adventure: Brave Heroes Assemble

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Capsmon Adventure is the first highly-reproduced childhood strategy role-playing online game.Various characteristics of the elves, the eight attributes of each other to overcome each other, the unique skills of the elves and the super-collision of unique matching, unique talents, personalization to develop gorgeous transformations, thousands of lineups can be formed at will, and even more cute elves unique equipment belts become stronger Take your pet and start the fantasy journey of the strongest trainer. Contact Us Facebook: Like our fanpage to get free deluxe gift package. Game Features ——Magnificent scenery and beautiful places Now you are in a fantastic world featured with thousands of wonderful creatures! Start your journey and discover the hidden Capsmons on this land. Share your story and listen to an unforgettable adventure from your friends. ——Grow your team in capsmon league Collect and use various resources to improve your team. You are no longer alone in the Capsmon League, an united organization where you'll find strong partners. Team up to enjoy a more expeditious adventure. ——The secret of legendary capsmon Through fire, in water, on the grass, in forests, in the dirt, through the clouds...what they like, what's their habitat, the types, the variations...Record their information with your Capdex and catch your first Capsmon now! ——Wonderful battles with global players The game's friend system allows you to be infinitely connected to the world, gain more destiny partners, and compete in strength against other players in the global cross-service PVP battle. ——Unique fighting style Abandon the boring and tedious battle mode in the general game, add richer tactical skills, formation formation, and monster attribute system to make the battle strategically playable.

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