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World War 2029: Top Alert

World War 2029: Top Alert

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World War 2029 is a science fiction war game with global server.The game has innovative sand table strategy gameplay, rich sci-fi equipment, multi-dimensional training lines, and real-time battle between the three forces.The game restores future sci-fi war scenes, bid farewell to simple numerical comparisons, players in full service watch the battle in real time, and experience the most realistic battlefield battle!All the cities in the game are linked together, and it is a show of strategy while fighting passionately!Using strategy and power to survive and grow in a competitive environment of weak meat and strong food, and finally achieve the domination of the world. [Game Features] ——Sand table strategy, look down and control the overall situation Development base, comprehensive improvement. In "World War 2029", the base is the most basic and most important system. Here, you can get more resources by upgrading resource buildings, meet famous historical figures in the bar and recruit them, or build military camps and recruit your own army.Occupy the industry and get flexible. Industry is the most important resource output system outside the base. There is no restriction on the type of industrial occupation, and the chief may choose the type of industry to occupy according to his own development needs. The industrial system makes the resources of the chief executives more flexible!Urban construction is invincible. Building cities can get more and stronger NPC defenders. These NPC defenders can delay the attacking steps of enemy players, and recruit time for the recruitment, creation and advancement of their own army. At the same time, urban construction can also increase urban taxation-taxation is a variety of resources, and resources are linked to combat power. ——Enrich equipment and build a strong lineup Classic arms, old and strong. "World War 2029" provides you with some very classic equipment. These equipments have the characteristics of being easy to obtain and easy to upgrade, and can provide powerful power for the officers in the early stage.Modern arms, high cost performance. Compared to the classic equipment with simple shapes, the equipment now has a more modern appearance and a better ascent space, and the officer can use it for a long time after obtaining it.There is no substitute for a top-notch set. Several top-level suits of "The Strongest Vigilance" have their own characteristics and powerful attributes. They are the only choice for the core hero equipment of the chief. ——Multi-dimensional development, cultivate the strongest hero Skill selection, control the battle. "World War 2029" has a wealth of skills to choose from. Different skill combinations will create different sparks. A good skill combination can even change the fate and defeat the high war. Want to know if your match will be better? Then join the battle quickly!Science fiction transformation, exclusive attributes. Choosing the right transformation chip and transformation element for the hero is a must-have skill for every officer. Of course, when choosing, you can add your own preferences very willfully, come up with unique attributes, and sometimes you will also receive strange effects.The adjutant assisted in the war and used it twice. Want to put stronger and favorite heroes into the main force, but are unwilling to the resources spent on old heroes? Don't worry, the old main force can return to the battlefield as a lieutenant when the new hero breaks into red, providing great help for the new hero. ——Tripartite forces, real-time strategy melee Multi-party wrestling, the supremacy of interests. The three parties are the Federation in the north, the Allied forces in the West, and the Empire in the East. With the passage of time and the continuous exploration of the officers, the forces of all parties will eventually meet each other. And the place of encounter is often a point of contention for interests. Who will give in first in front of interests?Real-time melee, passionate national war. Up to 14 hours of national wars per day, and four hours of extremely high-intensity dogfights, ignited the passion of the chief? When you are passionate, be sure to keep awake on the situation and master it in real time. Your country needs your better performance!Strategy is supreme and tactics are diverse. Here, you can speed up a city with your comrades, you can also bypass the enemy to increase reinforcements, you can also sound the charge and crush them! [Tips] The game supports Win10 PC and mobile terminal account intercommunication, Android users can use their mobile phones to enter the game download page through the browser.Click the [MG Store Download] button to download the Android installation package.

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