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Digimon Monster: Classic Childhood Game

Digimon Monster: Classic Childhood Game

EPS Digital Studios
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Digimon Monster: Classic Childhood Game is an elaborate game based on the original cartoons, perfectly recreating the animated animation plot. The game not only covers the collection of digimons, equipment development, classic plot clearance, challenging players and other classic gameplay, but also a unique digital beast evolution system that allows players to relive their childhood dreams of evolution. There are hundreds of digimons to choose from in the game. Different digimons come with different lineups, which makes people addicted. Perfectly reproduce the classic plot, comprehensively covering digital beast collection, equipment development, plot clearance, challenge players and other classic gameplay. Super cute, super gorgeous tricks, super exciting adventures, super difficult challenges, super classic plots, super mysterious gifts, all in the game! Do not hesitate to start, get started early! Global real-time synchronization competition, you will compete with all countries and Players in the area battle in sync! Let us evolve together and move together! Contact Us: Facebook: Game Features --Perfect restoration! Cute Digimon! The game perfectly restores the classic Digimon character design. The bloody Yagami Taichi, Ishida Yamato, Izumi Koshiro, and a large wave of digital beasts with very different styles, such as Bada, Tyrannosaurus, and Celestial Beast, are now perfectly reproduced in the game! In a series of journeys, you and your digital beast, through their friendship, will overcome difficulties and fight for the peace of the world! --Cute pet collection! Pocket Harem get! The digital game world includes all the hundreds of digital beasts in the Digimon world view. Here, you can have a huge Digimon Harem group to satisfy your desire to collect! Evolution skills, awakening release, full screen display! Sweep evil and defeat the forces of darkness! --Upgrade! Evolution! Exclusive development plan! Upgrade, Agumon! Ultimate evolution, fighting Tyrannosaurus! Here you will have your own Digimon development plan. Experience, evolution, friendship, fetters ... In a normal battle, you can rely on your wisdom to build your Digimon Empire in your palm! Use extreme evolution, tyrannosaurus, and chip sets to cultivate your super rare, super powerful Digimons now! --Fight! Cruel! Endless fighting fun! Fight, Digimon! Crawl, fight bosses, divide treasures! The unique combat mode allows you to experience other combat thrills; all-weather gaming activities allow you to challenge and enjoy the game fun! In addition to leading the digital tyrannosaurus to complete tasks and adventures, in addition to leisure time, you can also use parkour and fishing and other ways to pass the time, making your digital tyrannosaurus journey no longer boring.

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