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Legend of Junior OL

Legend of Junior OL

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The application does not support Windows 10S Legend of Junior OL is an original ARPG gameIt focuses in mythological themes and cute high definition graphics instead of a historically accurate depiction of the theme. It has many features to interact with. Apart from exciting Rush Cavalry, you will also have the help of your Attendants, Artifacts and Dragon Veins. And you will be able to participate in events like the Crown Contest and Guild Wars. Besides, the features Beach of Romance and Imperial Examination will bring new ways to be social and make new friends while you rest from your Martial Arts training. Adventure yourself into ancient towns, fairy islands and spectacular battles with an original and diverse soundtrack. Become a Martial Arts master and save the kingdom! Contact Us: Facebook: Features: Mount Battle: The team behind Legend of Junior OL has developed new tools to improve the browser gaming experience and make Martial Arts more spectacular than ever. Choose different modes for your battles in real-time: Rush Cavalry, Classic Cavalry or Classic Infantry. Enjoy a new way to battle and choose wisely your next strategy to become the strongest leader. Dragon Vein: Each player will have the chance to experience a unique Dragon Vein: Demon Melting Furnace, Shan Hai Chest and Moonlight Cube. Each activated Dragon Vein will transform into a powerful skill to be used as a weapon against your enemies. Work hard to obtain your own Ultimate Skill: Thunder Rage! And make your enemies tremble! Once the Rage Bar is filled, use your ultimate skill to experience the real Martial Arts power. Attendant System: In Legend of Junior OL, your Attendants will become your best companions. They will help to enhance the players’ stats and will accompany you into the battle. Collect all the different Attendants in your journey and arrange them into battle according to their skills to build a powerful army. Use Attendant Upgrade, Chariot Promotion and Skin Collection to upgrade and enhance you Attendant's powers. Swimsuits System: Apart from having fun with lots of Fashion items, the players will also find Swimsuit System. Some are free and some will be rewarded in the weekly lottery! Wear your swimsuit in the Beach events and chat with other players to make friends. Dungeons: There are several dungeons available to obtain different materials and equipment. Also, Multi-dungeons will allow players to play with other users and create alliances to survive. Challenging more difficult dungeons will reward players with better items that will make them stronger.

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