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Blades and Rings: Dark Raiders

Blades and Rings: Dark Raiders

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3DMMO online game masterpiece Blades and Rings, innovatively create gorgeous job transfers, smart hang-ups, full map PK explosive costumes, free transactions, free transfers and other open gameplay. • DRAGON BLADE COMES TO THE WORLD "Dragon Blade" cool skill special effects, massive attribute bonuses! "Artifact Awakening" Flo's exclusive map! Hang up easily, double the experience! Massive experience is coming to you! LEGION FIGHT FOR HEGEMONY • Legion battles, territorial seizures, strategic collocations, fraternal alliances fight side by side, bloody battlefields slay all quarters, and ascend to the throne to be proud of the crowd!The brothers gather and prepare for team battle! 5VS5 Confrontation Competition • The national sports boom, the carnival strikes. 5V5 cross-server matching and confrontation, form a super lineup with your friends, and cooperate with subtle positioning and skill strategies to destroy the enemy's defense tower and reach the top of the star king, and feel the new pleasure of relaxed competition! EXCLUSIVE GLORY PERSONALITY STYLE • Unique personality system, free transfer and transformation, the character is reborn at the peak, and at the same time get the exclusive pinnacle mark, cool big moves and personality style, the glory is incomparable! FREE AND OPEN TO FIGHT • Full map free PK, epic tens of thousands of people fight treasure battlefields on the same screen! Skill combo crit output, victory over opponents, blast BOSS massive magic outfits, a magic streamer suit, gorgeous and dazzling, soaring combat power! FREE TRADE EQUIPMENT • Idle or re-acquired items can be priced independently and freely traded; equipment depends on hitting, and currency can be exchanged, starting from scratch, and you can get rich every day! __________________________________________ * The game supports keyboard operation: WASD (move ), J (attack), K/L/U/I/O/P (release skills), Escape (close window), Q (on / off hang-up), Alpha1 (open character panel), Alpha2 (open bag), Alpha3 (open skill panel), F ( MOBA returns blood),Tab (switch target) __________________________________________ Customer Service Email: Support@mguwp.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BladesandRing (Follow us on Facebook to get the free gift package code) Discord: https://discord.gg/tVFXZwp

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