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Omega Zodiac: Constellation Guardian

Omega Zodiac: Constellation Guardian

EPS Digital Studios
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That the app does not support Windows 10 S. Omega Zodiac is an APRG game of Western Diablo, with the theme of pursuing the Sacred Set, protecting the goddess Athena against demons, and defending the world. In the game, there is a cool clothing transformation system, 3D realistic art far superior to the same level, rich action, novel skill system, and more fun to explore the game. The game screen is very exquisite. The city of Athens is brilliant and dazzling. The mysterious and unpredictable mountains and jungles are desirable. The plot is very rich and the pace of upgrading is fast. Players will play the guardian of the goddess Athena with 15 kinds of gold sacred combination power to fight against evil. There are also many innovative systems in the game. In addition to the Saint Cloth system, there are also complex skill systems. The cool three-line trick makes the battle more handy. The game supports global service, you will compete with players from various countries and regions! Contact Us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OZWin10/ Ticket: http://service.proficientcity.com/ Features: --Choose occupation settings precisely It shows the process of professional transformation in an all-round way, the sense of sight of Hollywood blockbusters, and the exciting voice-over dubbing, which stimulates the players' fighting passion. The game introduces the characteristics of each profession in detail, not only the main skills of the profession, but also the star rating of strength, physical strength, agility and intelligence. Each of the three professions has its advantages. The archer with low value, or the warrior who chooses strength and physical biathlon but low agility and intelligence, is up to you. --Shocking game graphics Extremely luxurious game graphics, exquisite carvings, ingenious patterns, all of them are stunning. Not only the city of Athens, whether it is a deep mountain jungle or a lava mountain road, the details have been achieved to the extreme, giving people a beautiful enjoyment. The special effects of the skills are fresh and gorgeous, and the forms released by each skill have their own characteristics. The special effects of the skills transformed into the holy clothes are full of screens, and the sense of strike is super cool. --Exquisite and complex Sacred Set system Athena Myth has a unique golden sacred suit system that combines gorgeous graphics in 2D and 3D. There are 15 constellations in the game. Each constellation has its own divine suit. Each sacred combination has a corresponding star map. Players unlock the interstellar map by collecting sacred suit components in dungeons and battles. --Various stage systems The gameplay is very rich and there are many stages in various forms. Participating in various stages can get rich rewards. There are many ways to enhance equipment and upgrade skills, develop mounts, wings and magic weapons, magic rings, goddesses, elves, war shields to increase your battle level and become stronger.

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