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Knights of Legends: War Chess Adventure Game

Knights of Legends: War Chess Adventure Game

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Knights of Legends co-published by MIRACLE GAMES INC, is an SRPG war chess game based on the theme of the magical world, world premiere on Microsoft Store.The classic western style design, combined with skeletal animation, highlights the hero's gorgeous movements while showing cool skill special effects. Committed to creating a unique SLG + card + war chess integration game experience for players. Global release Gift Code:KOL2023, Login to the game - Click on the avatar - enter the gift code at the "Gift Pack Redemption" - click "OK". In the game, players will lead elites of various races to explore freely on this magical continent. You can find various resources through wild ruins and explore unknown areas. You can also face unknown dangers and challenges through city construction, developing technological resources, and recruiting tribal heroes of various races. The battle map is presented in the form of a Roguelike honeycomb maze, and the game of manual control of the hexagonal turn-based battlefield is adopted. At the same time, powerful monsters of various strengths are distributed on the map, as well as rich field facilities: such as army recruitment points, treasure houses, springs, resource mines, hero enhancement buildings, etc., providing rich diversity for the battle map. Every battle is unpredictable, even when the two sides are evenly matched.Different hero skills, formation positions of arms, and application and implementation of strategies will all affect the outcome of the battle. Game Features: ● Hexagonal grid battlefield, Unpredictable battle! Abandon the numerical mode of standing and fighting competition, and adopt the classic gameplay of manually controlling the hexagonal grid turn-based battlefield. Every battle is unpredictable. Even if the lineups of the two sides are completely the same, the results of the battle will be very different due to the shift of arms, the release of magic skills, and the timing of the attack. ● Manage exclusive territory and create the strongest town! Operating the territory and building a prosperous main city can obtain more resource output, more powerful arms training buildings, and more abundant skills to accumulate abundant war capital for you. ● Explore the map freely and solve all the mysteries! In campaign mode, there are dozens of maps, different type of enemies, weapon recruitment sites, treasure houses, resources and minerals, hero enhancement buildings, etc., which provide a variety of clearance strategies for the battle map. ● Train heroes and awaken potential abilities! There are many kinds of heroes in the game, including humans, orcs, elves, and immortals, which are divided into four types: melee, remote, auxiliary, and therapeutic. Each hero has unique active and passive skills. ● Recruit creatures and train thousands of troops! Soldiers are necessary resources for battle. Each type of soldiers can be upgraded to a senior rank with new look and skills. ● Double end interworking, cross end same service! You can download the Microsoft App Store version installation package and Android version installation package on Miracle Games official website. It supports cross end account intercommunication between computers and Android phones. This game is based on Microsoft Azure cloud services to build a global gaming experience. __________________________________________ Gift package: https://www.mguwp.com/gamegift/FC2C4E3B49 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MiracleGamesAppStore (Follow FB to get more gift packs) Discord: https://discord.gg/tVFXZwp Email: Support@mguwp.com MG Help + support: https://support.mguwp.com/

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