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4X:My Empire

4X:My Empire

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4X: My Empire co-published by MIRACLE GAMES INC, is a large-scale multiplayer war strategy game based on the development and creation of ancient civilizations. On this continent where hope and cruelty coexist, as a primitive man from ancient times, you will cross time and geographical boundaries, create your own civilized world, and fight for the supreme crown of glory. All the war scenes in the game are real-time battles. Players can create their own tactical strategies in the battle, build an invincible army, and start an epic war! Under your command, powerful heroic soldiers fight for glory and faith. You will lead the fearless Predator to charge head-on with millions of cavalry. Each type of warrior plays a key role on the battlefield. Participate in epic battlefields across vast continents and feel the real battlefield of the cold weapon era. Here it is up to you to weave your own legend and inherit the mantle of a true conqueror. As your territory expands and evolves, the mighty city at the center becomes a battleground for all lords, with thousands vying for its ownership and status. So the horn of the national war on the mainland will be sounded! If you want to reach the top too, strategic prowess is crucial. Players need to rationally allocate army deployment, use various tactics and formations to master the battlefield situation, and call your alliance and city-state allies to fight together. We are never alone, allies will be with you! Remember, cooperation beats isolation, and allying with friendly armies will increase your chances of success, leading your allies together on the road to the imperial throne! No one knows until the last second who will get the ownership of the Holy City! The winning side will occupy the holy city, everyone involved in the holy war will receive rich rewards, and the alliance camp that wins the war will get a mysterious treasure! What's more, an imperial king will be born, and he will be the master of this continent! --"Welcome! My Master! Let our civilization come back to life!" Ready to shape your destiny? Have you created a civilization that has been passed down through the ages beyond the boundaries of time? The road to greatness awaits you in 4X: My Empire, and your conquests will leave legends in this magnificent world. The blood of heroes is flowing on your body, it's time to lead your empire civilization to an unparalleled height! [Exclusive Territory, Safe Collection] Facing a different world that is about to be destroyed, you, as the lord of the city, will become a candidate for the throne and have your own private territory. There you can collect, play wild, and defeat the bosses of monsters, farm safely without being disturbed, focus on improving the construction of the capital, and create your own new world! [Develop Civilization, Build Homes] The fire of civilization is endless. After canceling the concept of combat power in traditional strategy games, we introduced the concepts of civilization and prosperity. As the heir to the throne, force does not determine everything. Therefore, rather than letting players fall into endless battles in the game and constantly pursuing combat effectiveness, we hope that players will help each other, spread civilization and develop cities, and build a prosperous new capital! [Shuttle the Mainland, Free Trade] After canceling the traditional strategy game where players attack each other's cities to plunder resources, we have opened up the runner gameplay of mutual trade between mainlands, six regions, 30 specialties, multiple runner paths, and real-time updates. Trade information, random events. Perhaps not every trade is smooth sailing, but risks and opportunities coexist, challenges and benefits coexist, maybe you are a business wizard in another world! [Wasteland Experience, Relic Treasure Hunting] Stopping in another world, exciting adventure links are also essential! We have opened a wasteland palace that can challenge ourselves. At the same time, as your main city hall level increases, copies of the ruins of different difficulties will also be opened for you. Whether it's dangerous underground caves or desolate desert ruins, you can enjoy the fun of teamwork and multiplayer teaming, and find lost treasures in danger! [Hero Development] Three races, massive heroes, and legendary heroes with various characteristics, each hero has its own mission. They will accompany you all the way in your life in another world, and do their best to help you fight against enemies, fight against monsters, and win the crown! [Territory War] 6 regions, 36 cities, and 36 legendary lords, this continent is full of wealth and opportunities, waiting for your conquest! Language support: English, Chinese, German, French, Italian _____________________________________________ Gift package: https://www.mguwp.com/gamegift/7FDB92B195 Facebook: www.facebook.com/MiracleGamesAppStore/ Discord: https://discord.gg/tVFXZwp Email: Support@mguwp.com MG Help + support: https://support.mguwp.com/

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