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8 Ball Live

8 Ball Live

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8 Ball Live co-published by MIRACLE GAMES INC, is a globally popular sports and competitive billiards game with over 30 million downloads. It features real-time online video chat function to assist in every peak match. You can invite your friends to compete with players from all over the world and enjoy modern arcade style 3D billiards games! Here, 8 Ball Live features a unique video live chat system and exquisite billiards table, allowing you to engage in intense billiards battles with friends in a private billiards room at any time and enjoy the fun of real-time multiplayer gaming! The game offers a variety of gameplay options, including choosing arenas, pool tables, cues, and match settings. It also features tournaments, world championships, ranked ladders, and mini-games. Players can progress through different levels, participate in various leagues, compete with global players, climb the leaderboards, and challenge world-class pool stars. 8 Ball Live simulates the rules of real-life pool sports, providing a 1:1 replication of the experience on a virtual table. It incorporates a powerful physics engine to recreate the realistic feel of ball strikes, offering an immersive experience. Whether engaging in real-time matchmaking or single-player modes, all opponents are real people, and beginners can also choose to practice with NPCs. In the game, players can invite friends for matches and compete against players from around the world. Additionally, generous rewards are prepared for players, which can be obtained through daily logins, completing tasks, and spinning the wheel for free rewards. Global players can engage in real-time battles, with support for voice chat and live streaming of exciting matches, enabling a genuine social experience. The game features simple and smooth controls, exquisite animation effects, and a powerful physics engine to replicate the sensation and collision effects of real pool games. With the classic 8-ball mode and a thousand trick shots, players can enhance their skills and strategic thinking abilities through puzzle challenges and fancy gameplay. Customizable cues are available for players to participate in world-class pool events, win trophies, and showcase their personal achievements. Who will become the true pool champion? Let's wait and see! Download now and become a true pool champion! --Live Streaming of Online Competitions When the Diamond level or above enters the game, the system will automatically start the live broadcast, and the entire server will notify the live broadcast to start, inviting players to come and observe your wonderful performance. With one stroke of clearing the stage, thousands of people will watch, and the fun is endless! --Voice Chat During battles, you can activate voice at any time, have real-time voice conversations with opponents, and enjoy the game. --Advanced Physics Engine Equipped with real physical parameters, the sound effect is realistic and tactile, perfectly reproducing the real billiards experience. --Friend Solo You can compete with friends. --World Championships Regularly launch world-class tournaments, gather global board games enthusiasts to participate in the competition. Masters compete against each other to climb to the top of the world. --Cool Club In the game, you can collect or customize exquisite clubs and tables. With one stroke in hand, I have them all! _____________________________________________ Store Official Website: www.mguwp.com Player Service Email: Support@mguwp.com Open Platform Website: www.mguwp.net/en Company Facebook: MiracleGamesAppStore

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