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Evony: The King's Return

Evony: The King's Return

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Evony: The King's Return, co-published by MIRACLE GAMES INC, is now available on MG Store! A new game that combines classic SLG with puzzle solving! Over 150 million downloads worldwide! Evony: The King's Return, is a real-time war SLG that combines various elements, such as main city development, puzzle solving and exploration, breeding historical famous generals, and epic battles! For the release of the Microsoft App Store version, the R&D team has carried out in-depth optimization for the PC side. The grand scene is presented to subvert the visual imagination, and while touching the player's experience, a real large-screen game experience is realized! The game takes the virtual medieval continent as the background. Due to the sudden death of the old king who ruled the continent, the new king was brutal and unkind, which caused the turmoil in the continent. As a lord on the mainland, after quelling the family rebellion, the player strives to develop his own territorial power, hoping to one day capture the king's city, end the king's brutal rule, and become the new overlord of the empire! The game features a combination of major civilizations in history, each with different civilization talents and exclusive architectural styles. And based on this, players can see legendary heroes including Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, George Washington, Wu Zetian, Charles the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Qin Shi Huang, Alexander, and Oda Nobunaga in the game. They will appear on the battlefield of the same era and jointly stage a global version of war civilization. And all these legendary heroes who are all-powerful in various eras can attract them by conquering the city, and together create their own imperial civilization. Evony: The King's Return has a variety of war modes, including siege warfare, resource warfare to obtain strategic resources, and sub-city warfare to snatch the opponent's sub-city. Highly free player-versus-player mode, experience the game charm of real-time war! From wild mobs to various giant bosses; from a wide variety of resource areas to exploration of ruins with different difficulties, the game is committed to bringing more challenges and fun to players who are keen on fighting! [Game Features] ◆ 7 major civilization themes, take you to experience the wonderful puzzle levels Burn your brain and challenge your IQ! Diverse scenes, explore mysterious treasures! Use your wits, aim for the best time, avoid all dangers, get mysterious treasure chests, and start a new era of civilization. ◆ Real-time PVP battles with worldwide players The game has prepared a wealth of competitive gameplay for players, such as: All-Star Invitational Tournament, regional server war, limited-time hegemony mode and other PVP battles, discuss countermeasures with allies, and participate in epic wars! After winning the challenge, players will get a lot of resources and improve their combat power more quickly. ◆ Build your own city with buildings and decorations of 7 different civilizations America, China, Europe, Russia, Korea, Arabia and Japan. Each Civilization has its own architecture and bonus. Which one will you choose? ◆ Historical Figures at all times and in all countries gather here Recruit famous figures, such as King Arthur, Washington, Oda Nobunaga, Jumong, Emperor Qin Shihuang, Peter the Great and Saladin. Lead them, lead the army to the expedition! ◆ Fully automatic real-time translation in 25 languages, barrier-free communication between players from all over the world The game supports versions in 25 languages, and has public screen chat and real-time voice translation functions, allowing players of different languages to communicate without hindrance. A powerful chat system is the guarantee for communication between players and alliances in all regions and languages! Do you want to be the king of 7 kingdoms? Join with your friends in the highly addictive RTS/SLG game NOW! _____________________________________________ Gift package: https://www.mguwp.com/gamegift/38E3070B33 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MiracleGamesAppStore (Follow FB to get more gift packs) Discord: https://discord.gg/tVFXZwp Email: Support@mguwp.com MG Help + support: https://support.mguwp.com/

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