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Nova: Space Armada

Nova: Space Armada

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Build up Space Empire and rule the whole universe! Nova: Space Armada co-published by MIRACLE GAMES INC, is a multi -person war strategy game with the theme of the universe. There is only one goal here, compete for the king of the universe with global players! The ever -changing space battlefield, real interstellar war, experience classic fighting pleasure at any time. Cosmic warships are freely designed, and four types of cosmic warships are matched with exclusive troops. The global player alliance war, the gunfire rain cool scene, compete for the strongest emperor of the universe. In the game, the cosmic nebula is truly presented. The cosmic landscape is depicted with exquisite art, and the three major screens of space, base, and battle have their own characteristics. Players are free to drive the spaceship, lead the huge galaxy fleet to explore the universe, and establish their own star alliance image. Base development, technological advancement, multiple development route options, and technological breakthroughs will bring strength growth and escort space exploration. Create an interstellar empire, build a galaxy fleet, conquer major galaxies, stop rebel plots, and compete with global players. Strategic layout, cosmic fleet arrangement, any combination of hundreds of types of spaceships, multiple players form an interstellar fleet to jointly fight and explore unknown galaxies. High-degree-of-freedom exploration gameplay, high-definition and detailed scene maps, and open competitive elements will bring players the most realistic sci-fi war. The cross-server Star Alliance battle is ready to go, lead your Star Alliance to conquer the galaxy! Background Story At the end of the Cold War, the hot weapon war began, and the outbreak of world wars broke out. The global shuffle, after the war, a new global world government organized the Earth Alliance. The Earth Alliance secretly came into contact with alien civilization and obtained ultra -optical technology the following year. At this moment, human civilization has gone beyond the interstellar scale and started to immigrate to an extremely remote area called the Renney Sector, where it has established a new soviet-like Republic, led by its supreme leader Andolini. At that time, the largest enemy of the Republic, Coterminal, was a Star Alliance composed of several alien civilization outside the Renney Star District. The two sides clashed and engaged in numerous battles, turning the conflict into a lingering war, until an expedition team from Earth led by Andolini managed to fend off Coterminal’s forces temporarily. Years later, they came back again, and immigrants and Coterminal invested a large number of fleets to participate in the war. However, the war ended when a supernova exploded. Destroy almost all the fleets of both sides and destroy the human immigration colonies in the Renney Star District. Stuck around the black hole created by the blast, where a few hours are equal to twenty years on earth, the Republic and its survivors received a lot of help from CosmoTycoon, a very powerful alien merchant civilization. The player will be a commander from the Earth expedition team to help the human immigrants rebuild the civilization in the Renney Sector and conduct investigations about the truth behind the supernova blast. Game Features [Challenge other players worldwide in epic Interstellar Battles] Develop your strategy to establish space domination! Command space and conquer other commanders in one of the most engaging strategy games. Fight in intense universe PVP battles against hostile commander’s spaceships. Your skills as a commander will be tested vigorously in a battle for control of the galaxy! [Customize your fleets and build your space empire] Customize your fleet by unlocking unique weapons and armor and become the most powerful commander in the galaxy! Send your spaceships out to scan for enemy fleets or to battle and conquer your rivals. Unlock space frigates, cruisers, and more spaceships! [Decide your strategy and conquer the galaxy] Design a space strategy capable of dominating enemy alliances and controlling the galaxy! Decide early on how to manage your resources in this universe. Create a fleet strategy with your allies, whether you want to prepare for an all-out attack with dreadnoughts or an agile attack fleet of light cruisers, the decision is yours! [Develop your space station using a space base builder] As a Commander, you oversee building up a space base from scratch! Construct your space station by building factor's, radar, and defense modules to protect your space station from enemy attacks! Strengthen your space empire by building research labs and a ship center! Upgrade and unlock new versions of your building to create the most powerful empire in the galaxy and defeat your rivals! [Create alliances and cooperate together] In this sci-fi multiplayer space game you can forge alliances from across the galaxy. Control entire galaxy sectors in the universe and fight alongside allies versus your rivals with a planned space strategy! Join legions and help your fellow commanders acquire weaponry, construct a space station, and acquire resources faster. Help your allies! Count on your fellow commanders to defend from outside attacks and to plan raids in other space battles, join forces with your allies to defeat your rivals! [Amazing visual effect] Enjoy perfectly detailed multiplayer strategy and stunning HD space battles! Incredibly visualized sci-fi spaceships and fleets provide a cinematic in-game view of the galaxy! 3D visualization of interstellar battles never before seen on mobile! Watch your empire evolve in the universe from a small space station to a powerful force with incredible detail! [Global unified server multi-device play] You can Download both the Microsoft Store version and Android version installation package on Miracle Games' official site. Cross-client accounts from Microsoft Store and Android or iOS are on the same server and all updates are synchronized, players from PC clients and mobile clients can play together and fight together. Supports 12 languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish. _____________________________________________ Gift package: https://www.mguwp.com/gamegift/05B49EF117 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MiracleGamesAppStore (Follow FB to get more gift packs) Discord: https://discord.gg/tVFXZwp Email: Support@mguwp.com MG Help + support: https://support.mguwp.com Reminder: Nova: Space Armada Microsoft App Store Edition installation package 1.34g.

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